The Impressive Positive Impact Water Has on Your Health

Most people are aware of the importance of proper hydration. Unfortunately, the vast range of sports drinks, juices and still drinks often have consumers overlooking what a positive impact water can have on your health. Water is all around us, but this odorless, clear liquid is actually one of the best things we can incorporate into our diet.

The Benefits of Drinking Water:

There are a number of positive benefits of drinking lots of water rather than sugary sweet drinks or hard water. Water is one of the best ways to stay hydrated, and it can help to flush toxins from your body and oxygenate the blood. Water is also a necessary component in the production of lymphatic fluid. The lymph system produces and distributes white blood cells, encouraging the immune system.

Water is also an essential part of all vital systems in the body. It is needed to keep the eyes and mouth clean, help you to digest food and to keep your joints lubricated. Water can also help with concentration and insomnia. The brain needs water to produce melatonin, which is needed to regulate sleep cycles.

Water Could Help You to Lose Weight:

If you are struggling to hit your optimum weight, you could find drinking water even more beneficial. Water is a natural form of appetite suppressant, helping you to feel fuller for longer and eat less. Drinking soda or sugary drinks may only appear to contain a few calories, but when you have several servings throughout the day, the calories and carbohydrates can add up.

Drinking sufficient water will also help to prevent digestive issues such as constipation, which could also be compromising your weight loss. Proper hydration will allow your body to flush waste from your body, boosting your energy levels and mood.

Additionally, research has shown that drinking chilled water first thing in the morning can help to boost your metabolism. This can be particularly beneficial if you drink it before your morning exercise. You could find that even if you stick to your usual exercise routine, you can experience a boost in your rate of weight loss.

Drinking Quality Water:

We cannot survive without water. While we can manage without food for several weeks, just a few short days without water and we would be in real danger. Before you go rushing off to grab a glass, you should consider the quality of your drinking water. Although municipal water treatment plans are regulated by the EPA, not every contaminant is monitored. This lack of stringent testing could mean that your drinking water contains higher levels of potentially harmful contaminants. Even the levels of highly regulated contaminants such as lead can be higher than legally required amounts. These higher levels can be the result of corrosion of older infrastructure, leaks in main water pipes and runoff after heavy rainfall. Fortunately, there is a great selection of domestic water treatment solutions available on the marketplace. These systems range from a basic water filtration jug through to more sophisticated whole house system. Water filtration allows for any potentially harmful contaminants to be removed from drinking water supplies, creating clean, safe drinking water the whole family can enjoy.

5 Stylish DIYs for a Beautiful Bedroom On A Budget

The biggest mistake anyone will ever make is thinking that a bedroom has to be dull and boring. Why does it have to be so? The truth is, it doesn’t. A bedroom should be exciting but relaxing at the same time. After all, you do need to fall asleep in the bedroom. Though, there are other things that you do in your bedroom other than sleep. It’s the most used room of the entire house. This is a fact that shouldn’t be lost on anyone.

Change your curtains

Are you looking for a super easy way to spruce up your bedroom? If so, changing the curtains is just that. It’s simple and can be inexpensive as well. If you keep an eye out at your local thrift store, you may be able to find curtains that are a good value. Have you ever thought about making your own curtains? If you’re handy with a sewing machine, it’s entirely possible to make your own curtains.

Strip all of your furniture to the bare wood

We’re not talking about painting or even staining the wood. Show off the natural beauty of the wood. Sure, this is going to require you to be a little handy. But, you can learn how to remove paint from furniture by merely watching a YouTube video. It doesn’t take that much effort, and you’ll be surprised how the impact it has. The natural beauty of the wood makes it stand out without being overly complicated.

Make a mini library in your bedroom

For this, all you need is a bookshelf. You may be able to find one at a garage sale in the summertime. You can paint it or do whatever you want. The books, well, that’s the fun part. You can put whatever books interest you on your shelf. It’s entirely possible that you don’t read books and could care less what’s on the shelf. If that’s the case, then go out and try to find the oldest or most interesting books. You’ll be surprised by how cheap people sell second-hand books for at flea markets and garage sales.

Add a couch to your bedroom

This may sound odd to some of you. But, a couch or love seat can fit in almost any bedroom. Do you do things other than sleeping in your bedroom? Maybe you like to go there to read or to use your smartphone. If so, then having an extra place to sit that’s not your bed is a great idea. You can even make your own throw cover for the couch for an added sense of style. It’s all about making you feel comfortable and getting the most out of your bedroom.

An aquarium with fish is a nice touch

Are you the type who loves nature? If so, then you’ve got to consider an aquarium. This is another one of those things that you can find for sale at all kinds of second-hand shops. Goldfish and other types of fish are relatively cheap. It’s far easier to take care of a fish than it is any other kind of pet. If you’re the type who has a difficult time falling to sleep at night, then watching the fish may help you. It’s a known fact that people find watching fish to be a stress reliever. You’ll be surprised by how important the fish will become in your life. You’ll get to see them every morning when you first wake up. It’ll be a great way to wake up and start your day.

Have fun and always keep updating your room

You should continuously work at improving your room. How often should you do it? Whenever you start to feel bored. For some, that may mean every few months while others may want to redecorate every year. There’s no set time when you should consider making your bedroom more beautiful. It’s only a matter of your tastes. The minute you start to feel bored in your bedroom is when you should get up and do something about it. You’ll find that even small changes can have a significant impact on how a bedroom looks. Remember, it’s about more than just the appearance of your room. You also want to create something beautiful and functional as well.